Point of Sale


Softweave Restaurant Pro also handles all the accounting needs of your business, from debtors to creditors, daily expenses to Assets, Employees payroll to your VAT (Value Added Tax). With Softweave Restaurant Pro your entire business is well taken care of.

Key Features Of The System


  • Creates kitchen/ Counter orders and customer bill at the waiters’ point
  • The cashier monitors all waiters’ orders at the cash point
  • The supervisor or management is able to track and monitor captain orders and payments.
  • Sales and orders of a specified period can be tracked

Stock Control

  • Stocks in your store & kitchen is easily monitored
  • Daily stock sheet automatically generated
  • Stock movement history automatically generated

Rooms Management

This is cutting edge room management as it handles booking/reservations and even daily rooming list production.

You can also View at a glance available and booked rooms

Suppliers/ Creditors Control

  • Issuance of the Goods Received note upon confirmation of goods received
  • Detailed and summarized Supplier statements
  • Automatic generation of editable purchase orders
  • Automatic stock updates
  • Suppliers balances report
  • Cash/ Credit purchases control
  • Profit projection reports upon receiving goods

Convenience Features

  • Remote internet Access
  • Data and Microsoft Excel, Acrobat Reader (For emailing), Ms Access, etc. and vice versa
  • Multiple Point of Sales

Computer Hardware Requirements

  • Waiter Point Touch screen (Or ordinary screen if need be) - Costs between Sh 27000 - 70,000.
  • Thermal Receipt Printer - Cost between ksh18000 - 22000
  • Computers - From Ksh 15000
  • Cash drawer (optional) - From Ksh 9000
  • Fiscal Printer (If KRA approval is required) - From Ksh 60,000
  • Computer networking - Quoted separately if required and if more than two computers

Software Cost

  • Server/ Back Office installation: Ksh 35000
  • Each client (waiter, cashier, accountant etc) at Ksh15,000
  • Networking is quoted separately

NB: Prices may vary depending on requirements, please talk to our sales representatives or call 0720 926 895 for final quote and discounts

Accounts and Cash/ Bank Control

All bank accounts, and cash are setup during initial setup of the system, the system can generate relevant statements at any given time on either account

Expenses accounts can also be controlled and relevant reports generated at anytime

Management of other accounts like assets, other income, loans, etc

Implementation and Training

At Softweave Business Solutions, we understand the importance of proper system implementation to help easy take off of the new system. It is for this reason that our staff work with the staff of your organization to ensure smooth transition between your current system and Softweave ERM. We ensure correct data entry, proper training of the entire staff involved and we also setup mechanisms for on-time Support of the system, hence ensuring the system satisfactorily meets your organizations requirements.

Maintenance and Support

Apart from travel or accommodation cost if onsite support is required, Softweave maintains for free the software online or otherwise for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

For continued support and regular updates, your organization may opt to pay a 30% fee of initial cost otherwise you may use the system as is as at the end of the 1st year, in which case any support required will be quoted at the time required.

Should your organization require a new feature in the course of system use which was not part of your initial requirement, the cost of its implementation will be quoted separately.